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a multitude of breathtaking wonders

Haputale is surrounded by hills covered with cloud forests and tea plantations. The town has a cooler climate than its surroundings, due to its elevation. 

Haputale now mainly shows the influence of the Sinhalese and Tamil cultures, but the legacy of the British tea planters also lives on. Tea estates blanket the hillsides, punctuated by graceful planters’ bungalows, all enveloped in a damp and heavy climate that must have made the British settlers feel right at home. The town makes an excellent base for visiting Horton Plains National Park.

Lipton Seat
Lipton's seat is the highest point of the mountain range around Haputale, where the most famous Tea planter of Ceylon, Sir Thomas Lipton used to admire and enjoy the panoramic view. It is undoubtedly one of the best viewing points of Sri Lanka. It is said that on a clear day, a visitor can see 5 provinces of Sri Lanka.  

Dambatenna Tea Factory
East of Haputale, a 10km scenic road through beautiful rambling tea estates is Dambatenna Tea Factory, built in 1890 by Sir Thomas Lipton. Take a tour through the factory, to be educated on the processes involved in the fermentation, rolling, drying, cutting, sieving and grading of tea. In spite of the on-going modernisation, some of the machinery of the colonial era is still in operation in this ISO certified factory.

Adisham bungalow
Adisham bungalow is a magnificent construction of colonial time which was made by a British governor at 1931, situated 2km from the town. Adisham sits atop a hill amidst the rose garden and orchard, against breathtaking views of Haputale mountains with shrouds of mist wafting in, amidst the cool breeze.

Presently it is run by the Catholic church and is open to day visitors and to a few in-house guests.