Knuckles Mountain Range

a multitude of breathtaking wonders 

The Knuckles range is one of the loveliest nature attractions of Sri Lanka. The changing terrain of grasslands, rugged mountain peaks interspersed with streams and cascading waterfalls make Knuckles mountain range that covers an area of 18512 hectares the trekker’s paradise.

The reason it's called Knuckles is because of the a mountain with five peaks, that looks like the knuckles of a clenched fist. The Sri Lankan name for this mountainous area is 'Dumbara Mitiyawatha' which means The Misty Vally. 

Popular hiking trails are:

  • Mini worlds end trails in the west and east
  • Pitawala pathena trail
  • Ash cave trail
  • Nitre cave trail
  • Knuckles summit trail

Mini World’s end
Mini World’s end (1192 m) is an escarpment situated at the southern end of the Knuckles range is a fine observation point in the Knuckles range. From this location, the panoramic view of the knuckles range and some of the villages situated in the foot hills of knuckles can be seen. The trek of 1.1 km that begins at Knuckles Conservation Centre (KCC) – Deanston is done within one hour.