Kottawa Rainforest

Sri Lanka’s best-preserved colonial townscapeSri Lanka’s best-preserved colonial townscapeSri Lanka's best-preserved colonial townscape

Kottawa forest reserve is situated in northeast of Galle approximately 17 km away. Sprawled across 37 acres lies one of its most secluded nature reserves. 

Relatively unknown to the visiting multitudes to the island, the isolated Kottawa Rainforest Reserve is well worth the visit for nature lovers in search of breathtaking natural beauty off the beaten track.

The vegetation is that of wet evergreen type with tall trees struggling upwards to reach the sunlight with small canopies touching each other preventing the penetration of sunlight to the bed of the forest. The vegetation is dominated with Dipterocarpus species and tree ferns, where orchids and moss grow on their tall tree trunks.

One can find purple faced langurs, giant squirrels, muntjacs and sambars residing here. There are also different varieties of birds and reptiles. Guided tours for groups are run by Rainforest Rescue International (LKR 2250 - LKR 3000).