Lankathilaka Temple

Kandy's rich cultural heritage

The Lankatilaka temple history runs back to the Gampola Kingdom era. King Buwanekabahu IV built this temple in 1344 AD. The King's Chief Ministers Senalankadhikara was entrusted to carry out the construction work. The South Indian architect Sthapati Rayar designed this with a blend of Sinhalese architecture of the Polonnaruwa period and of Dravidian and Indo Chinese style .

Considered to be a Gedige type of Polonnaruwa architecture, this temple was constructed on an uneven surface of the rock with a granite based foundation. The plan of the temple protrudes to the four sides like of a cross. What is seen today, is the ground floor and part of the first floor.

This temple was for the Buddha and God worship during the Gampola era. Gods, Vishnu, Saman, Vibhishana, Ganapathi, Skandhakumara and Kumara Bandara had been worshipped here.