Anita Holman

I am a travel agent and I feel that I expect certain things from both the company I am traveling with as well as the tour leader allocated to the trip. Both of these aspects for me were greatly exceeded and I will never (nor have I ever) had any reservations when recommending Indie's Adventures to my clients.

Indika literally knew everything. Any question that we asked, any situation that arose, nothing was too much for him. He did it all with a beautiful smile and fabulous sense of humour. I cannot express the experience that Indi gave me in words that are high enough to describe him. He went above and beyond in so many ways and he is one one the most beautiful souls that I have ever had the honour of coming across.

From a travel agent’s point of view, if he could plan all of my trips, I would let him without hesitation. His methods for everything were smooth and concise and he managed expectations brilliantly. From a personal point of view, he really did absolutely make my trip. From sourcing food we couldn’t find to personalised farewell packages, every expectation of a tour leader and friend were exceeded.

Thank you for having such an amazing person in Sri Lanka. I would be making sure any passenger I had travelling to Sri Lanka was able to meet this gorgeous human!

– Anita Holman

Margaret, Rhonda, Gavin Smith

Indie is very committed to his role and passionate about his country. He gave a lot of himself,  and because of this,  we as a group felt very comfortable and not only experienced a trip around Sri Lanka but a unique life journey as well.

Indie was very knowledgable about the relevant history in each cultural area and kept us well informed. He was able to answer any questions we had. We interacted with local people in various situations including local guides (who were excellent) , local shopping, local cooking class, local villages which provided us with many opportunities to experience local life.

Indika was excellent. The scope and diversity of activities provided an excellent overview of Sri Lanka and we experienced a wide range of local food in a variety of settings.

– Margaret, Rhonda, Gavin Smith

Matthew Smart

I really enjoyed the trip and got more out of it than I expected.

Indika Prasad Kumara was excellent, he was very professional yet very personable and passionate about his work and country at the same time. He mentioned how many times he had done this tour, 50+ after being asked, yet his enthusiasm clearly hadn't waned.

There was good variety of activities along the trip which kept us engaged, I was not aware of anyone passing up any of the activities.

– Matthew Smart

Ben Clency

I really enjoyed every minute of this trip. Indi, our tour leader was so knowledgable and gave us a great insight in the Sri Lankan history and way of life.

Indi was an amazing leader. He constantly gave us a lot of his knowledge and was able to answer any question we asked him. He was so happy to help us with any requests. He was such a happy person the whole trip with a positive attitude and awesome sense of humour.

— Ben Clency

Susan Stephenson

Indika was an absolute joy - he is an excellent tour leader and a lovely person. He made the trip very special and I feel lucky to have had him as our leader. He brought the country alive for us and enhanced our experience. As a single traveller I felt very safe and I feel that Indie genuinely cares about his group members.

Thank you Indie!

– Susan Stephenson

Amy Frater

I had the pleasure of going on a trip through Sri Lanka, organised by Indika.

The trip was extremely well organised. The itinerary and sights perfectly chosen to meet the groups needs, we were five girls on a private tour. Indika has an outstanding knowledge of the history and culture of his country and delivers his knowledge in an entertaining and informative way.

I would highly recommend a visit to Sri Lanka and would insist that you book through Indika.

– Amy Frater